A Diversion

Somehow these past few weeks have resulted in an artwork lull as I've been pursuing more of an interest in the fine art of serious pencil drawing. The magic of hand drawn artwork involves a time consuming aspect that defies the clock. I can sit and draw for most of an afternoon yet create much less artwork than I can produce with paint. There's something meditative about drawing that calms the nervous system although the eraser seems as important as the pencils!
I realized I had started this challenge piece called Pastel Palette before my immersion into pencil drawing and decided today to put the finishing touches on it. The lure of pencil drawing however has slowed down my day to day participation in the 101 Day Challenge. Still honoring my commitment to the 101 Day Challenge, I know it will take on a more long term process. This means that I will be posting my mixed media artwork in varying intervals. I am sharpening my pencils the rest of the time!

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