Collaged Mood Board

The Art 101 Challenge continues and one of the other artists, Kimberly Ans posted an inspiration idea. She decided that the painting she was working on just wasn't coming together the way she she cut it into pieces and made a mixed media collage. 

It made me stop and consider what I could do with paintings I had done several years ago that just sit gathering dust. I went in search of the craft knife but apparently it did not want to be found. 

I spent enough time looking for the craft knife and decided too much time was being spent on this mindless task of digging through my supplies. Plan B was to take digital photos of various abstracted areas of these paintings and put them into a mood board. There are many more snippets from these paintings that I now can use for backgrounds, composition ideas, and crazy color combinations!


Unknown said...

What a great idea! And I like the collage effect!

Carla said...

Great collage. There was a reason the knife did not want to be found ☺