The Pixel Equation for On Demand Fabric Design

For the last many years the digital art that I enjoy making has stumped me in one regard. That happens to be the sizing of images based upon pixels. Most of my digital art is created using Photoshop and I generally save images in various sizes depending upon their use in the print on demand world.

The following equation is from The Spoonflower Handbook. I really have to put this equation in long term memory!

Here is the magic formula otherwise known as the pixel equation:

- pixels divided by image resolution=image size in inches or
- image size in inches x resolution=pixels or

- pixels divided by image size in inches= image resolution

Let me know if this helps.


New Vision!

It's amazing that over time one may not really notice how eyesight changes things. Motivation and inspiration can take a nosedive when vision becomes blurry and actually quite dull. Recent eye surgery has given me a whole new view of things and hopefully there will be new artwork coming from more time in the studio!


Art Journaling Adventure

Haven't been around here much. The past many months brought major life event changes. Some things such as Studio LuLu were put on hold while the other parts of life took over. Vision problems, deaths in the family, a major relocation, spine surgery, ....you probably know how this goes. Anyway, it's time to get back in the creative groove and get some artwork flowing. It's a difficult thing to pick up where I left off so I'm trying my hand at more mixed media and getting messy at the art table with wet paints, block printing, collage, and drawing.
To jump start the creative flow, I'm participating in Art Journaling Adventure which provides inspiration for this return from the last year. Diving in at week 16 ( I know, a little late) had to do with creating frames on journal pages so here goes.


Kaleidoscope Fun Continues

My undivided attention to creating kaleidoscope designs has me spinning lately. This panel was created for a recent fabric competition. The intention is to provide sewists and quilters with a panel of cutouts ready to stitch into absolutely anything.  These designs are great for home dec projects such as pillows, table runners, mug mats, and coasters. Just cut out and add a border if you like. Looks like fun to me! I'll be posting more once I find a fabric printer to create the yardage.


Kaleidoscope Patterns

Trying to do a little stress management during this last week of the year has led me to creating these repeating shapes of kaleidoscope patterns. I choose a muted orchid color since the burst of radiant orchid began the year as Pantone's color for 2014. The color has done it's job for 12 months and no doubt will continue to appear even though 2015 will herald in Pantone's color of the year named Marsala. The challenge will be to pair up Marsala with other compliments to bring it to life. Meanwhile, it's adios to radiant orchid for now and back to creating more kaleidoscope patterns for stress relief. It's a lot more fun for me to dream up patterns than to attempt to sit in meditation!


A Diversion

Somehow these past few weeks have resulted in an artwork lull as I've been pursuing more of an interest in the fine art of serious pencil drawing. The magic of hand drawn artwork involves a time consuming aspect that defies the clock. I can sit and draw for most of an afternoon yet create much less artwork than I can produce with paint. There's something meditative about drawing that calms the nervous system although the eraser seems as important as the pencils!
I realized I had started this challenge piece called Pastel Palette before my immersion into pencil drawing and decided today to put the finishing touches on it. The lure of pencil drawing however has slowed down my day to day participation in the 101 Day Challenge. Still honoring my commitment to the 101 Day Challenge, I know it will take on a more long term process. This means that I will be posting my mixed media artwork in varying intervals. I am sharpening my pencils the rest of the time!